Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Use your voice!

Now that you've read the first three chapters, choose a character and retell the story thus far using that character's voice.  You may choose from Scout, Jem, Dill, Cal, Atticus, Miss Caroline Fisher, Miss Stephanie Crawford or Boo.  Try to be original.  Due by 8 p.m. Sunday, September 25.


  1. Miss Caroline: Today is my first day teaching at a new school. As I walks into the classroom I noticed all the wonderful kids that I was going to teach how to read. I printed my name on the chalkboard and told the children what it said. I told them that I was from Winston County in Alambama. I then read a story to the class. I discovered that one of my students already knew how to read. I told her to stop learning how to read. I later caught this same student writing in my clase. I then got really mad. I made her stare at the window untilled recess. At lunch time I noticed that a student forget his lunch so I offered him a quarter and told him to pay me back tomorrow. He refused. This really confused me. After lunch a cootie came out of a filthy boys hair. I got really scared. I told him to go home and come back tomorrow after he takes a shower. He talked back very rudely to me. He said that he wasn't coming back. I was going to take action against this but the other students told me let it go. The kids told me that he was an Ewell. The Ewells only go to school for the first day of school. I asked them about the Ewell's parents. The students said that they don't have a mother and their father's right contentious. So far my first day of teaching in Maycomb wasn't too bad.

    Mike Douleh

  2. Miss Caroline-The students began filing in and I put on my best face and stood up to teach. I walked to the board and started writing. "This says I am Miss Caroline Fisher," and looking them all in the eye I took a deep breath and continued, “I am from North Alabama, from Winston County."(Lee 16) Instantly they all began whispering and muttering. Everyone here knew about Winston County, its reputation was built on the fact that when Alabama left the Union, we left Alabama. It's a modern place filled with steel and liquor companies that help keep up industry, professors, politicians and wonderful people that focus on the future instead of the past. The people here were different, always looking back to the past and looking down on those who don't. Breathe, relax, forget what they are thinking about you and your town just teach. Picking up the book I had decided they would all like, I sat down and began to read.
    "Oh wasn’t that nice?" Looking out at the children faces filled with boredom or confusion. Why don’t they like the story? It’s what all the children back home loved. It’s a story any child’s imagination should be able to run away with. Hmmm. Well maybe they like would like something different. “Does anyone know what these are?”(Lee 17) I had tried to print the alphabet very clearly so they would understand it and be able to read the letters. Who should I call on…oh she looks attentive. “Jean Louise read this please.” I sat back and waited for the usual first grade version of the alphabet, but she read it perfectly. My first reader, The Mobile Register, she reads both perfectly! It’s impossible, she must be getting taught by someone else, her father maybe. That could hurt her skills; he could be teaching her the wrong rules or something. “You tell your father not to teach you anymore.” I was shocked when the child could read but was even more surprised when she responded to my order with,” He hasn’t taught me anything, Miss Caroline.” (Lee 17) She is so stubborn that she stands here telling me she was born reading. Really the children in this school. After a strict talk she sits down and we continue on to lunch time.
    “Everyone who goes home to lunch hold up your hands…Everyone who brings his lunch put it on top of his desk.” (Lee 19) Looking over the sea of hands and buckets I smiled inside knowing my break from it all was soon coming. Well that’s strange; one boy is doing either part of my instructions. “Did you forget your lunch this morning?” (Lee 19) Gulping excessively the boy ignored me. “Did you forget your lunch this morning?” (Lee 19) “Yes’m,” he replied. Children, always forgetting this or not doing that. Handing him a quarter I explained. “Go ahead and eat downtown. You can pay me back tomorrow.” (Lee19) But he won’t take it. Jean Louise is trying to say that because he is a Cunningham he can’t pay me back, but I know her imagination and honestly don’t believe a word of it. Grabbing the nearest ruler and give her what she has coming and send her to the corner.
    These children are very peculiar. I mean, we just came back from lunch and already I have an incident on my hands. Just what kind of father sends his child to school covered in dirt and with bugs, mites, rats and who knows what crawling through his hair and no shoes?! A rat jumped out of his hair and onto the floor. Scared me right out of my skull. He could give the other children any number of diseases. It’s crazy, and now I’m finding out that it’s all because he is a Ewell that I don’t have to worry about this again for another year because he won’t be back until then. This town allows people to live like this, allows a child to miss school and to not be able to bathe. What have I gotten myself into?! Well there’s one good thing about today, soon I get to get rid of little Jean Louise.
    Tallia Akay

  3. Dill: Today is my first day in a little town called Macomb. I am here for the summer and I will stay with my grandma. I met a family called the Finches. They are very different from normal families. A girl jean Finch who they call “Scout” asked me about my dad I don’t usually like to talk about that thought. She had a brother named Jam. I think we will get along just fine together. They started talking to me about someone named Boo Radley. I thought we should make Boo Radley come out of his house. In fact sometimes I just like to hang on the light poll looking at their house and wonder. One day I asked Jem what he looked like and he said “Six foot six, and he dined on raw squirrel and any cat. There is a long jagged scar across his face. His teeth are yellow and rotten, his eyes popped out and he drooled most of the time.” Then I said “let’s try to get him out, I’d like to see what he looks like.” A couple of days later I dared him that he wouldn’t even get past the gate.” I knew he was scared so I told him. About three days later I had to make him touch the Radley’s house I wanted him to come out so bad. So I started teasing him cause I knew he would crack. Then I came up with the perfect dare that might get Boo out for Jem to touch the house. To my surprise he agreed, so we walked down to the Radley house. I edged him on. He did it but unfortunately Boo didn’t come out. Then the summer ended and I had to go back home.