Friday, September 7, 2012


Some thoughts for the day.  Please be sure to follow this blog.  This is one place where we can post our questions and concerns, and discuss the issue at hand without breaking any rules.  I'm going to begin, and I expect everyone to use this blog as a resource. Agreed?


  1. As I understand it, Hailey in Intro will be attempting an editorial cartoon for the current issue. Jerzy said he will do that as well. Alex D. just completed an editorial as well, regarding attendance at sporting events.

    Hey guys, we could use some good entertainment pieces. Let Conor know if you have anything in the works.

    Anyone out there capable of creating a comical map for the center spread with an editorial bent-- from a freshman's point of view?

  2. Also, Emma H. wants to help Annie with photography editing. Annie and Emma should try to discuss this.

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